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Question 1: A space curve is a curve for which X is of three dimensions, usually ________; a skew curve is a space curve which lies in no plane.
MathematicsVector spaceMetric spaceEuclidean space

Question 2:
Which of the following titles did Curve have?
Rectifiable curve
Orange Curves
Reciprocal curve
The Cheating Curve

Question 3: A simple example of a curve is the ________, shown to the right.
ParabolaEllipseConic sectionArchimedes

Question 4:
Who wrote Curve?
B.I. Golubov
Luis d'Antin Van Rooten
Knut Moen
Cat Sparks

Question 5: The needs of geometry, and also for example ________ are to have a notion of curve in space of any number of dimensions.
PhysicsEnergyClassical mechanicsForce

Question 6: A plane curve is a curve for which X is the ________ — these are the examples first encountered — or in some cases the projective plane.
Euclidean geometryAxiomEuclid's ElementsGeometry

Question 7: From a local point of view one can take X to be ________.
DimensionMathematicsVector spaceEuclidean space

Question 8: In fact, non-singular complex projective algebraic curves are compact ________.
ManifoldProjective spaceRiemann surfaceAbelian variety

Question 9: The ________ is another unusual example.
FractalDragon curveFractal dimensionL-system

Question 10: By eliminating variables by means of the resultant, these can be reduced to ________, which however may introduce singularities such as cusps or double points.
Riemann surfaceAlgebraic geometryAlgebraic curveManifold

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