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Question 1: ________ wrote that salted meats constituted the majority of shipboard diet even as late as his cruise aboard Moshulu (which lacked any refrigeration) in 1938.
Eric NewbyArthur RansomeHerman MelvilleDavid Baboulene

Question 2: sodium nitrate or ________, is used as a source for nitrite (NO2).
Potassium hydroxidePotassium nitratePotassium chloratePotassium chloride

Question 3: Salt kills and inhibits the growth of ________ by drawing water out of the cells of both microbe and food alike through osmosis.

Question 4: ________ or sucrose that is used in this fashion ferments the food.

Question 5: Although often used in curing to give a pleasant taste, sugar can also be used to encourage the growth of beneficial bacteria such as those of the ________ genus.
LactobacillalesLactic acid bacteriaLactobacillusBifidobacterium

Question 6: Curing refers to various food preservation and flavoring processes, especially of meat or ________, by the addition of a combination of salt, sugar, nitrates or nitrite.
Fish anatomyForage fishPelagic fishFish

Question 7: Table salt, which consists primarily of ________, is the most important ingredient for curing food and is used in relatively large quantities.
Sodium hydroxideSodium carbonateSodium sulfateSodium chloride

Question 8: The chemical actions of curing are highly complex with slow reactions of proteins and fats through autolysis and ________.

Question 9: Salted meat and fish are commonly eaten as a staple of the diet in North Africa, Southern China and in the ________.
ArcticNorth American ArcticDesertAntarctica


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