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Question 1: The angled type is most often used on major suburban ________, and is more modern than the other two.

Question 2: Curbs guide water from melted snow, rain, and ________ into storm drains, so that it does not gather on the road.
Precipitation (meteorology)HailThunderstormIce

Question 3: At lower speeds, water can spray from ________ onto following vehicles, causing poor visibility.
AirbagParking brakeAutomobileTire

Question 4: Curbs also keep vehicles on the road and prevent people from using sidewalks as a ________.
Shoulder (road)FreewayConcreteMotorway

Question 5: This makes it easier to traverse for pedestrians, and especially for those in ________, or for people with prams and strollers.
WheelchairMotorized wheelchairAssisted livingWalker (mobility)

Question 6: The square (90°-edge) type is still almost always used in towns and ________, as it is a straight step down and thus less likely to be tripped-over by pedestrians.
Independent cityMunicipalityCityCounty

Question 7: In addition to driveway aprons, curbs also slope down to street level at ________ and other pedestrian crossings.
TrafficTraffic lightUnited KingdomPedestrian crossing

Question 8: Curbs may be constructed of many materials but most often are made of concrete or ________.

Question 9: There is also an ________ aspect, in that curbs look formal and "finished".
Arthur SchopenhauerDavid HumeApplied aestheticsAesthetics

Question 10: A curb or kerb (see spelling differences) is the edge where a raised pavement/sidewalk/footpath, road median, or ________ meets an unraised street or other roadway.
MotorwayConcreteShoulder (road)Freeway


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