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Cups and balls: Quiz


Question 1: Basic skills, such as misdirection, ________, and audience management are also essential to most cups and balls routines.
MuscleHandFingerFine motor skill

Question 2: One of the best known performers of the Chop Cup today is ________, who performs a fast-paced and original routine of his own.
Paul DanielsDavid BlaineJohn Nevil MaskelyneChan Canasta

Question 3: ________'s handling of the Cups and Balls - especially his ending sequence - is generally considered to be the single most influential cups and balls routine of the modern era.
Dai VernonDoug HenningDorothy DietrichDavid Copperfield (illusionist)

Question 4: Initially, they perform the trick with small ________ balls and plastic cups.
Packaging and labelingOxygenAluminiumAluminium foil

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