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Cunt: Quiz


Question 1: When used as a slang term with a positive qualifier (good, funny, clever, etc) in countries such as Great Britain, New Zealand and ________, it conveys a positive sense of the object or person to which it refers.
CanadaAustraliaBarbadosUnited Kingdom

Question 2: Lady Love Your Cunt, 1969 article by ________ (see References above)
George GallowayMichael BarrymoreSue PerkinsGermaine Greer

Question 3: Even Parliaments are not immune from punning uses; as recalled by former Australian prime minister ________:
John GortonGough WhitlamJohn HowardMalcolm Fraser

Question 4: [85] Similarly, in an episode of ________, Sophie tells Tim that she can't see him as there's been a misprint on the title of one of the magazines she works on - Total Cult.
Hot FuzzSimon PeggSpaced charactersSpaced

Question 5: Theatre censorship was effectively abolished in the UK in 1968; prior to that all theatrical productions had to be vetted by the Lord Chamberlain's Office; this relaxation made possible UK productions such as the musical Hair and ________.
Harold PinterSamuel BeckettOh! Calcutta!Jacques Levy

Question 6: In the ________ the broadcast use of "cunt" is still rare; nevertheless, the word has slowly infiltrated into broadcasting:
AlaskaPhilippinesUnited StatesCanada

Question 7: A notable use is from the "Miller's Tale": "Pryvely he caught her by the queynte." The ________ also uses this term, "For certeyn, olde dotard, by your leave/You shall have queynte right enough at eve ...
The Miller's TaleThe Wife of Bath's TaleThe Franklin's TaleThe Canterbury Tales

Question 8: The word has few, if any, recorded uses in mainstream cinema prior to the 1970s, the first possibly being in Carnal Knowledge (1971) in which Jonathan (________) asks, "Is this an ultimatum?
Phil JacksonJack NicholsonWilt ChamberlainKareem Abdul-Jabbar

Question 9: [49] In a survey of 2000 commissioned by the British Broadcasting Standards Commission, Independent Television Commission, BBC and Advertising Standards Authority, "cunt" was regarded as the most offensive word which could be heard, above "motherfucker" and "________".
FuckSpanish languageNiggerEuphemism

Question 10: Like the word ________, use between youths is not uncommon, as exemplified by its use in the film Trainspotting, where it is an integral part of the common language of the principal characters.
CuntFuckSpanish languageEuphemism

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