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Cuneiform law: Quiz


Question 1: 1758 BC - ________ - The most famous, and also the most preserved of the ancient laws.
Cuneiform lawBabyloniaCode of HammurabiConstitution

Question 2: Although they were written in several different cities and kingdoms, these early ________ have a number of formulas in common.
Scots lawXeerLawSharia

Question 3: [1 ] The ________ is the most well-known of the cuneiform laws, but there were a number of precursor laws.
Code of HammurabiSusaBabyloniaConstitution

Question 4: 2350 BC - Reforms of Urukagina of ________ - not extant, but "known" through other sources.
Sumerian King ListLagashSumerAkkadian Empire

Question 5: ________ for crimes vary from code to code, but not all prescribe vengeance.
PrisonDeterrence (psychological)PunishmentPenology

Question 6: Cuneiform law refers to any of the legal codes written in cuneiform script, that were developed and used throughout the ancient Middle East among the Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians, Elamites, Hurrians, Kassites, and ________.

Question 7: 2060 BC - Code of Ur-Nammu (or Shulgi?) of Ur - ________ (Ur-III).
MesopotamiaThird Dynasty of UrSumerian King ListHistory of Sumer

Question 8: Cuneiform law is generally classified separately from later Middle Eastern law,[2] but has been viewed as a predecessor of Biblical and ________.
Hasidic JudaismHaredi JudaismHalakhaOrthodox Judaism


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