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Cumulonimbus cloud: Quiz


Question 1: Cumulonimbus storm cells can produce heavy rain (particularly of a ________ nature) and flash flooding, as well as straight-line winds.

Question 2:
What genus does Cumulonimbus cloud belong to?

Question 3: Atmosphere is a dynamic system, and the local conditions of ________, uplift and other parameters give rise to many types of clouds.
Fluid dynamicsTurbulenceReynolds numberDrag (physics)

Question 4: This anvil shape can precede the main cloud structure for many miles, causing anvil ________.

Question 5: Larger planes are also equipped with weather ________ and wind shear detectors to help guide them through, in the event that they need to pass through such clouds to land.
Ultra high frequencyWeather radarRadarX band

Question 6: They create ________ through the heart of the cloud.

Question 7: ________ form when the dewpoint of water is reached in the presence of condensation nuclei in the troposphere.
CloudPrecipitation (meteorology)FogCloud condensation nuclei

Question 8: Cumulonimbus clouds sometimes form ________.
FogCumulus cloudMammatus cloudCumulus congestus cloud

Question 9: Cumulonimbus (Cb) is a type of ________ that is tall, dense, and involved in thunderstorms and other intense weather.
FogCloud condensation nucleiPrecipitation (meteorology)Cloud

Question 10: Cumulonimbus clouds form from cumulus clouds (namely from cumulus congestus) and can further develop into a ________, a severe thunderstorm with special features.
TornadoConvective storm detectionNorth DakotaSupercell


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