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Cumin: Quiz


Question 1:
What kind of animal is a Cumin?

Question 2: Cumin seeds are similar to fennel and anise seeds in appearance, but are smaller and darker in ________.
Primary colorGreenPurpleColor

Question 3:
What family does Cumin belong to?

Question 4:

Question 5: Seeds, excavated at the Syrian site Tell ed-Der, have been dated to the ________.
3rd millennium BCAncient Near East2nd millennium BC13th century BC

Question 6: Originally cultivated in Iran and Mediterranean region, cumin is mentioned in the ________ in both the Old Testament (Isaiah 28:27) and the New Testament (Matthew 23:23).
BibleChristianity and JudaismBiblical canonNevi'im

Question 7: In ________, it is known as al-kammūn (الكمون).
Modern Standard ArabicEgyptian ArabicArabic languageAncient North Arabian

Question 8: Cumin fell out of favour in ________ except in Spain and Malta during the Middle Ages.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 9: A folk etymology connects the word with the Persian city ________ where, the story goes, most of ancient Persia's cumin was produced.
Shazdeh GardenKermanShah Nematollah Vali ShrineKermān Province

Question 10: The distantly related Bunium persicum and the unrelated ________ are both sometimes called black cumin (q.v.).
Nigella sativaPomegranateMenthaBerberis vulgaris

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