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Question 1: The denomination also operates a seminary, Memphis Theological Seminary, in ________.
Memphis, TennesseeBartlett, TennesseeTipton County, TennesseeShelby County, Tennessee

Question 2: [14] The denomination maintains a Children's Home in ________.
DallasFort Worth, TexasMcKinney, TexasDenton, Texas

Question 3: The Upper Cumberland Presbyterian Church is a small denomination which broke off from the Cumberland Presbyterian church over issues of membership in the National Council of Churches and the use of the Revised Standard Version of the ________.
Nevi'imBibleBiblical canonChristianity and Judaism

Question 4: At the same time, Methodists and ________ were sending preachers with little or no formal training into frontier regions and were very successful in organizing Methodist and Baptist congregations.
Christian denominationEcumenismBaptistChristianity

Question 5: The divisions which led to the formation of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church can be traced back to the ________.
Second Great AwakeningFirst Great AwakeningRestorationism (Christian primitivism)Third Great Awakening

Question 6: Although very much a frontier institution, under the presidency of ________, Cumberland College was one of the first colleges in the United States to accept women as students.
Franceway Ranna CossittCumberland College (Princeton, Kentucky)Lebanon, TennesseeCumberland Presbyterian Church

Question 7: ________ (president of Cumberland College, 1st Stated Clerk, etc.)
Cumberland Presbyterian ChurchLebanon, TennesseeCumberland UniversityFranceway Ranna Cossitt

Question 8: [1] In 2007, it had an active membership of less than 50,000[2] and about 800 congregations[3], the majority of which are concentrated in the ________.
CanadaAlaskaUnited StatesPhilippines

Question 9: Drawing on New Side precedents, Cumberland Presbytery in ________ began ordaining men without the educational background required by the Kentucky Synod.

Question 10: At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Presbyterians on the frontier suffered from a shortage of educated clergy willing to move to the frontier beyond the ________.
Rocky MountainsVirginiaAppalachian MountainsGreat Plains


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