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Cumae: Quiz


Question 1: By the eighth century it was strong enough to send Perieres and a group with him, who were among the founders of Zancle in ________, and another band had returned to found Triteia in Achaea, Pausanias was told.

Question 2:
Cumae, Piscina Mirabilis and San Leucio are all:
Former populated places in Italy Buildings and structures in Campania Ancient Greek cities Archaeological sites in Italy

Question 3: Cumae (Italian: Cuma, Greek: Κύμη or Κύμαι) is an ancient Greek settlement lying to the northwest of Naples in the Italian region of ________.

Question 4: In the Second Punic War, in spite of temptations, Cumae withstood ________'s siege, under the leadership of Tib.. Sempronius Gracchus.
Mago (Barcid)Scipio AfricanusHannibalHamilcar Barca

Question 5: [8] Cumae came under Roman rule with ________ and in 338 was granted partial citizenship, a civitas sine suffragio.
CapuaCaiazzoAversaSessa Aurunca

Question 6: At Cumae was set a widely influential Christian work of the second century, ________ said by its author to have been inspired by way of visions.
New TestamentDevelopment of the New Testament canonGospel of JohnThe Shepherd of Hermas

Question 7:
Cumae, Pompeii and Roman Forum are all:
Buildings and structures in Campania Archaeological sites in Italy Former populated places in Italy Ancient Greek cities

Question 8: In Roman mythology, there is an entrance to the underworld located at Avernus, a crater lake near Cumae, and was the route ________ used to descend to the Underworld.

Question 9: The combined fleets of Cumae and Syracuse defeated the ________ at the Battle of Cumae in 474 BC.
Etruscan originsEtruscan mythologyEtruscan languageEtruscan civilization

Question 10: The colony was built on a large rise, the seaward side of which was used as a bunker and gun emplacement by the Germans during ________.
Collaboration with the Axis Powers during World War IIWorld War IISecond Sino-Japanese WarSoviet occupations

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