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Culture of the United States Marine Corps: Quiz


Question 1: Several Marine Corps museums have been established, most notably the National Museum of the Marine Corps at Quantico, ________.
West VirginiaVirginiaNorth CarolinaNew Jersey

Question 2: Then, Marine Corps Order 47 was published by Commandant ________:[19]
John H. Russell, Jr.Wendell Cushing NevilleJohn A. LejeuneThomas Holcomb

Question 3: The Marine motto "Semper Fidelis" means "always faithful" in ________.
LatinVulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld Latin

Question 4: [25] The ________ has also been closely associated with the Marine Corps as a result, and some units keep one as a mascot.
French BulldogBulldogEnglish MastiffPug

Question 5: They also form the base colors of the ________.
Commandant of the Marine CorpsHistory of the United States Marine CorpsFlag of the United States Marine CorpsMilitary awards of the United States Department of the Navy

Question 6: The new seal had been designed at the request of the Commandant ________
Lemuel C. Shepherd, Jr.Thomas HolcombClifton B. CatesAlexander Vandegrift

Question 7: It is also the name of the official march of the Corps, composed by ________.
John Philip SousaUnited StatesUnited States Marine CorpsUnited States Army

Question 8: The original eagle was a crested eagle found in the Americas, not the ________ that appears in the current emblem.
Red-tailed HawkWhite-tailed EagleBald EagleGolden Eagle

Question 9: [21] Originally a ________ tradition, it has become a honored tradition of enjoying drink, good food, and fellowship with a Marine's comrades,[22] as well as honoring those who have perished in battle.
British Armed ForcesBritish ArmyRoyal Military PoliceTerritorial Army (United Kingdom)

Question 10: The German high command classified Marines as ________-quality elite troops.
Trench warfareWorld War IWestern Front (World War I)Stormtrooper


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