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Question 1: ________ (2002), directed by Michael Moore.
Bowling for ColumbineFahrenheit 9/11Capitalism: A Love StoryCanadian Bacon

Question 2: According to Foucault knowledge isn't primarily the result of rational thinking, but arises from the structure of ________[9][10]
DiscourseSemanticsMichel FoucaultSocial sciences

Question 3: In more recent times in the U.S., ________ is often labelled as socialized medicine by its opponents to give the concept an air of socialism.
Universal health careHealth care systemHealth insurancePublicly-funded health care

Question 4: State of Fear, ________, ISBN 0-06-621413-0
The Lost World (Crichton novel)Jurassic ParkER (TV series)Michael Crichton

Question 5: More recently, participants in the debate over man-made ________ have used terms such as "catastrophic", "chaotic", "irreversible", or "rapid" alongside the term "climate change".
Current sea level riseClimate changeMilankovitch cyclesLittle Ice Age

Question 6: ________'s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four describes a government that uses language to control its citizenry, using an invented language known as Newspeak.
George OrwellGeorge Orwell bibliographyBurmese DaysHomage to Catalonia

Question 7: ________ (2004), directed by Michael Moore.
Fahrenheit 9/11SickoBowling for ColumbineGeorge W. Bush

Question 8: Manufacturing Consent: The political economy of the mass media, Edward S. Herman & ________ ISBN 0-09-953311-1
Noam Chomsky's political viewsHenry David ThoreauAnarchismNoam Chomsky

Question 9: ________ the French philosopher has written extensively about the power of language on thought, in his book The Order of Things, the French title being Les Mots et les choses, French for Words and Things.
Alain BadiouMichel FoucaultJürgen HabermasSlavoj Žižek

Question 10: This ________ criticises the Fox News Channel, and its owner, Rupert Murdoch, claiming that the channel is used to promote and advocate right-wing views[18]
Documentary filmPolitical cinemaDirect CinemaCinéma vérité


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