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Culture of Israel: Quiz


Question 1: Tel Aviv is considered the hub of secular culture, although many leading cultural institutions are located in ________.

Question 2: Shmuel Yosef Agnon (winner of the ________ for literature in 1966)
Nobel PrizeNobel FoundationNobel Prize controversiesNobel Peace Prize

Question 3: Still another important source of inspiration was German culture, imported by German immigrants; for example, many of the houses in Tel Aviv and the designs of its avenues were inspired by the ________ movement.
Art NouveauDe StijlExpressionismBauhaus

Question 4: Other theater companies include the Cameri Theater, Beit Lessin Theater, ________ (which performs in Hebrew and Russian), Haifa Theater and Beersheba Theater.
Tel AvivGesher TheaterIsraelKurt Weill

Question 5: The development of Israeli culture was very much influenced by ________ or immigration waves.
Religious ZionismZionismAliyahAntisemitism

Question 6: It links the Jewish people to the ________ where the concept of Jewish nationhood first evolved between 1200 BCE and 70 CE (end of the Second Temple era).
Land of IsraelTimeline of Jewish historyJewish historyZionism

Question 7: Others, mainly ________ and Holocaust survivors from Europe, criticized the early melting pot process.
Jewish ethnic divisionsSephardi JewsMizrahi JewsYemenite Jews

Question 8: Safed, Jaffa and ________ are home to artist colonies.
LajjunAl-SarafandEin HodTzippori

Question 9: The Habima Theatre brought its Russian and ________ roots to the country.
Judaeo-SpanishYiddish languageHebrew languageJewish languages

Question 10: In the field of literature, most notable were Moshe Shamir and Aharon Megged along with Amos Oz, ________, Meir Shalev, and many more.
Ram LoevyShmuel Yosef AgnonA. B. YehoshuaIsrael


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