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Question 1: In the 1940s, samba reach its peak of popularity in the world through the success of singer and actress ________ in Hollywood.
Los AngelesCarmen MirandaUnited StatesRio de Janeiro

Question 2: Black Africans, who were brought as ________ to Brazil, also participated actively in the formation of Brazilian culture.
AntisemitismSlaveryUniversal suffrageRacism

Question 3: Brazil's cultural tradition extends to its music styles which include samba, ________, forró, frevo, pagode and many others.
JazzBossa novaJazz standardLatin jazz

Question 4: Carnaval, as it is known in Brazil, is an annual celebration held forty days before ________ and marking the start of Lent.
ComputusJesusEasterLiturgical year

Question 5: Although the Portuguese colonists forced their slaves to become "more civilized" (that meant to convert to ________ and speak Portuguese) their cultural influences were absorbed by the inhabitants of Brazil of all races and origins.
CatholicismCrusadesCatholic ChurchEast–West Schism

Question 6: A notable early writer was father António Vieira, a Portuguese ________ educated in the Jesuit school of Salvador, Brazil, who became one of the most celebrated Baroque writers of the Portuguese language.
Conventual FranciscansDominican OrderSociety of JesusCongregation of the Most Holy Redeemer

Question 7: Although, other international sports are becoming more and more popular in that country, as the american football, which in his brazilian Super Bowl coverage had more than 100,000 watchers, and basketball, which is seen to be even more popular than the ________.
Arena footballAmerican footballGridiron footballTouch football (American)

Question 8: In the late 1960s, Tropicalismo was popularized by ________, Gilberto Gil, and Tom Zé.
Chico BuarqueGal CostaCaetano VelosoOs Mutantes

Question 9: The religion of most Brazilians is ________, in fact, Brazil has the largest Catholic population in the world.
Catholic ChurchCrusadesCatholicismEast–West Schism

Question 10: In other regions such as ________ and Pernambuco (and throughout Brazil), Carnival takes on a unique regional flavor.
Minas GeraisBahiaRio Grande do NorteSalvador, Bahia

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