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Question 1: Article 1: Freedom, Egalitarianism, ________ and Brotherhood
Article 2: Universality of rights
Human rightsDignityReproductive rightsNatural and legal rights

Question 2: Particularly the structural theory of ________, which describes symbolic systems as consisting of signs (a pairing of a particular form with a particular meaning), has come to be applied widely in the study of culture.
LinguisticsFerdinand de SaussureGottfried LeibnizHenri Bergson

Question 3: [181][182] In the United States, "Cultural Studies" focuses largely on the study of ________, that is, the social meanings of mass-produced consumer and leisure goods.
GlobalizationPopular cultureWestern culturePopular culture studies

Question 4: Reflections on the Politics of Culture by ________
CommunismMichael ParentiModern historyFascism

Question 5: Culture (from the ________ cultura stemming from colere, meaning "to cultivate")[1] is a term that has different meanings.
Old LatinRoman EmpireLatinVulgar Latin

Question 6:
Who played 7 the telemovie Culture?
Greg Germann
Philip Seymour Hoffman
Fred Sanders
Fred Sanders

Question 7:
Who played Tim Stevens the telemovie Culture?
Greg Germann
Greg Germann
Alan Oppenheimer
Philip Seymour Hoffman

Question 8:
What role did Fred Sanders play in the telemovie Culture?
Tim Stevens

Question 9: For example, the English language is spoken differently in the USA, the UK and Australia, and even within English-speaking countries there are hundreds of ________ of English that each signal a belonging to a particular region and/or subculture.
German languageDialectRomanian languageDialect continuum

Question 10: ________ (1858–1942) was trained in this tradition, and he brought it with him when he left Germany for the United States.
StructuralismGottfried LeibnizNoam ChomskyFranz Boas

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