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Cultural pluralism: Quiz


Question 1: One example is ________ where 18 different religious communities co-exist on a land of 10,452 kmĀ².

Question 2: That community may also have one or more synagogues, mosques, mandirs, gurudwaras, and/or ________, as well as several churches of various Christian denominations.
Outline of BuddhismList of Buddhist templesKorean Buddhist templesIndex of Buddhism-related articles

Question 3: For another example, a community center in the United States may offer classes in Indian yoga, Chinese ________, and Latin salsa dancing.
CalligraphyLower caseTypefaceBlackletter

Question 4: The current ________ world in the 21st century is an example of cultural pluralism.
Color FieldContemporary artPostmodern artAbstract expressionism


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