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Question 1: ________ (since c.1990)
Russian postmodernismPost-postmodernismPostmodernityPostmodern art

Question 2: Others might divide it into the ________ period and the Roman period, or might choose other finer divisions.
Ancient GreeceAlexander the GreatHellenistic periodHellenistic civilization

Question 3: ________, based on 'scientific' knowledge and discoveries concerns observing nature and reality objectively.

Question 4:
  • Emphasizes power and authority, characterized by intricate detail and without the "disturbing angst" of Mannerism. Essentially is exaggerated ________ to promote and glorify the Church and State.
    ClassicismImmanuel KantFriedrich SchillerTragedy

Question 5: See: Postmodern philosophyPostmodern music________
ModernismLate modernismWestern paintingPostmodern art

Question 6: ________ (1688-1789): Reason (rationalism) seen as the ideal.
DeismHumanismDavid HumeAge of Enlightenment

Question 7: See: Post-impressionism________PointillismPre-Raphaelite
DivisionismArt NouveauCubismNeo-impressionism

Question 8: This embodies all ________ forms, the sciences, and philosophies.

Question 9: Together, Greek and Roman thought in philosophy, religion, science, history, and all forms of thought can be viewed as a central underpinning of ________, and is therefore termed the "Classical period" by some.
Western worldModern historyEuropeWestern culture

Question 10: The Romans adopted Greek and other styles, and spread the result throughout Europe and the ________.
Middle EastWestern AsiaAsiaIran


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