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Cultural influence of Gilbert and Sullivan: Quiz


Question 1: The song was also pastiched in an episode of ________ in a song about surfing a whale.
Tiny Toon AdventuresAnimaniacsPinky and the BrainFreakazoid!

Question 2: Likewise, in the ________ episode "And the Plot Moistens" (Season 3, Episode 21), Alan sings a verse of the song to persuade Jake to join the school musical.
Charlie Harper (Two and a Half Men)Two and a Half MenTwo and a Half Men (season 7)Two and a Half Men (season 1)

Question 3: Parodies or pastiches of the song in television programs have included, the computer-animated series ________ ended its third season with a recap of the entire season, set to the song's tune.
ReBootReBoot (video game)Beast Wars: TransformersShadow Raiders

Question 4: For instance, the arms granted to the municipal borough of Penzance in 1934 contain a pirate dressed in Gilbert's original costuming, and Penzance had a rugby team called the Penzance Pirates, which is now called the ________.
Launceston RUFCExeter ChiefsCornish PiratesBristol Rugby

Question 5: [45] In the pilot episode of the 2008 ________ series, Flashpoint, a police officer and his partner sing the policeman's song.
CBSAmerican Broadcasting CompanyNBCThe CW Television Network

Question 6: For instance, in episode 80 of the television series ________, entitled "Let the Punishment Fit the Crime," Higgins prepares to direct a selection of pieces from The Mikado to be staged at the Estate.
Magnum, P.I.United StatesUnited KingdomMonk (TV series)

Question 7: The American and British musical owes a tremendous debt to Gilbert and Sullivan, who introduced innovations in content and form that directly influenced the development of ________ through the 20th century.
Cast recordingLong-running musical theatre productionsBroadway theatreMusical theatre

Question 8: 1 episode "Hello Nice Warners." ________ also used the song when Higgins was putting on a production of "The Mikado"
United KingdomMagnum, P.I.Monk (TV series)United States

Question 9: In ________'s episode 3.1, "The Thin White Line," Stewie imagines himself to be a sea captain and sings a pastiche of "My gallant crew" implying that he sleeps with his crew.
The SimpsonsThe Cleveland ShowFamily Guy (season 4)Family Guy

Question 10: Lehrer also includes a verse parodying a G&S finale in his patchwork of stylistic creations Clementine ("full of words and music and signifying nothing", as Lehrer put it, thus parodying G&S and ________ in the same sentence).
Shakespeare's lifeWilliam ShakespeareHamletShakespeare authorship question


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