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Cultural impact of Wonder Woman: Quiz


Question 1: In 2009 the episode ________ aired which replaced the usual series opening with a variation of The All-New Super Friends Hour series opening, but with the various Superfriends characters replaced with Family Guy characters.
Road to the MultiverseFamily GoyFamily Guy (season 8)Family Guy (season 3)

Question 2: Also, her lasso did not compel truthfulness until the ________ episode "The Balance" in which Hippolyta activated all her powers.
Batman: The Brave and the BoldStatic ShockJustice League UnlimitedBatman Beyond

Question 3: In the ________ episode Super Hero-ld Lindsay dresses up like and calls her alter ego Wonder Woman saying her only power is to wonder with Courtney saying the character already exists.
6teenStoked (TV series)Total Drama IslandTotal Drama Action

Question 4: At the 2002 MTV Movie Awards, Sarah Michelle Gellar and ________ opened the show, performing a short skit spoofing Spider-Man.
Will FerrellTenacious DJack BlackKyle Gass

Question 5: In 1990, Comics Scene magazine announced a new syndicated Wonder Woman series to be produced and distributed by ________ In a letter column in Wonder Woman #41 [vol.
Warner Bros. AnimationWarner Bros. TelevisionWarner Bros.Turner Entertainment

Question 6: However, the Syndicate does include a villainess named Olympia, whom was confirmed to be a Wonder Woman equivalent by the film's writer ________.
Batman BeyondStatic ShockDwayne McDuffieJustice League Unlimited

Question 7: Steve Trevor made an appearance in the first season's three-part finale, "The Savage Time", when the League time-travels back to World War II in order to stop ________.
Solomon Grundy (comics)Hal JordanVandal SavageGreen Arrow

Question 8: Sociologist Susan Hopkins in her text Girl Heroes, juxtaposes the image of ________ as Wonder Woman with Girl Power action heroines of the late 1990s.
Wonder Woman (TV series)ArizonaLynda CarterSmallville

Question 9: In the 1997 movie Spice World, ________ (Ginger Spice) appeared for a short time dressed as Wonder Woman.
Geri HalliwellEmma BuntonSpice GirlsVictoria Beckham

Question 10: "The New, Original Wonder Woman" made in 1975, starred ________ as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince with Jeannie Epper as stuntwoman.
SmallvilleWonder Woman (TV series)Lynda CarterArizona

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