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Question 1: Our New Icons by ________
The Daily TelegraphThe TimesThe GuardianThe Independent

Question 2: A representation of an object or person, or that object or person may come to be regarded as having a special status as particularly representative of, or important to, or loved by, a particular group of people, a place, or a period in ________.
TimeGeologic time scaleHistoryPeriodization

Question 3: For example, ________ uses Marianne as a symbol of the French Revolution and the rejection of royalism in favor of republicanism and laicity.
United KingdomCanadaItalyFrance

Question 4: Nothing and no one are Off Limits in an Age of Iconomania by ________
The Sydney Morning HeraldFairfax MediaThe AgeThe Dominion Post

Question 5: In the media, many well-known manifestations of ________ have been described as "iconic", with some writers saying that the word is overused.
Western culturePopular culture studiesPopular cultureGlobalization

Question 6: The first superstar to begin this "branding" was ________ with his outfits, fashion trends of the 80s, like the glove or red jacket, through to the 90s with military wear and a white casual shirt.
The Jackson 5Michael Jackson's This Is It: The Music That Inspired the MovieMichael JacksonThriller (song)

Question 7: A cultural icon can be an image, a symbol, a logo, picture, name, face, person, or ________ or other image that is readily recognized, and generally represents an object or concept with great cultural significance to a wide cultural group.

Question 8: ________ can reflect social values and changes, but many people have become weary of them.
Product placementBrand managementBrandAdvertising

Question 9: Which is a technique many pop stars do today, such as ________ and Britney Spears.
Beyoncé KnowlesDestiny's ChildBeyoncé Knowles discographyBeautiful Liar


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