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Cultural and historical background of Jesus: Quiz


Question 1: However, the ________ had been constructed under the auspices of a foreign power, and there were lingering questions about its legitimacy.
Second Temple of JerusalemKohen GadolBar Kokhba revoltSolomon's Temple

Question 2: At first, Judea was ruled by the Egyptian-Hellenic ________, but in 198 BCE, the Syrian-Hellenic Seleucid Empire, under Antiochus III, seized control over Judea.
Ptolemaic KingdomCleopatra VIIPtolemy I SoterPtolemaic dynasty

Question 3: The Emperor ________ took the Jewish side, and had the Samaritan leaders executed and exiled, and turned one named Veler over to the Jews who beheaded him.

Question 4: Of all the major Second Temple sects, only the Pharisees remained (but see ________).
JewsKaraite JudaismJewish holidayKhazars

Question 5: In Rome, Herod the Great sought the support of ________ and Octavian, and secured recognition by the Roman Senate as King of the Jews,[4] officially confirming the termination of the Hasmonean dynasty.
Ptolemy I SoterMark AntonyJulius CaesarCleopatra VII

Question 6: ________ (procurator 48 to 52 CE) often retaliated against brigandry by punishing peasant communities he believed to be their base of support.
Agrippa IVentidius CumanusTiberius Julius AlexanderAgrippa II

Question 7: After the suppression of the revolt the vast majority of Jews were sent into exile; shortly thereafter (around 200), Judah haNasi edited together judgements and traditions into an authoritative code, the ________.
ToseftaTalmudMinor tractateMishnah

Question 8: It was in this period that many concepts from early ________ entered or influenced Judaism, as well as debates and sects within the religion and culture of the time.
Hellenistic philosophyAncient philosophyAncient Greek philosophyAristotle

Question 9: The Children of Israel similarly had sacred texts (which would later be redacted into the ________), which they believed were written by prophets under divine inspiration, or dictated by God himself.

Question 10: The political rift between the Sadducees and Pharisees became evident when Pharisees demanded that the Hasmonean king ________ choose between being king and being High Priest in the traditional manner.
John HyrcanusHerod the GreatAlexander JannaeusAntigonus II Mattathias


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