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Question 1: ________) have argued that Leonid Brezhnev's rule was also characterized by a cult of personality, though unlike Lenin and Stalin, Brezhnev did not initiate large-scale persecutions in the country.
RussiaAleksandr ZinovyevCommunismBoris Yeltsin

Question 2: The term cult of personality comes from ________'s critique of the "cult of the individual"—expressed in a letter to German political worker, Wilhelm Bloss.
MarxismJeremy BenthamSocialismKarl Marx

Question 3: Through the principle of the divine right of kings, rulers were said to hold office by the will of ________.

Question 4: Throughout ________, monarchs were almost always held in enormous reverence.
HistoryTimePeriodizationGeologic time scale

Question 5: On the other hand, in North Korea there exists a very successful cult of personality, which includes actual semi-worship of both the father (________) and son (Kim Jong-il).
Joseph StalinCold WarMao ZedongKim Il-sung

Question 6: [1] Cults of personality are often found in ________.
DictatorshipMilitary dictatorshipTotalitarianismFascism

Question 7: ________ recalled Marx's criticism in his 1956 "Secret Speech" denouncing Stalin to the 20th Party Congress:
John F. KennedyJoseph StalinNikita KhrushchevBoris Yeltsin

Question 8: Why Dictators Love Kitsch by Eric Gibson, ________, August 10 2009
The Wall Street JournalThe TimesNew York PostDow Jones & Company

Question 9: Since ________ came to power in 1959, he and his government have exhibited many traits commonly attributed to a cult of personality rule.
Fidel CastroGerald FordJoseph StalinJimmy Carter

Question 10: Nicolae Ceauşescu rose to power in 1965, but by 1971 the regime had reasserted its ________ legacy in socioeconomic and cultural matters.
Joseph StalinSocialism in One CountryEastern BlocStalinism

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