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Question 1: [71] As far as the "experts" were concerned that people might be referred to by the "New CAN", most of them were what she would call ________.
Opposition to cults and new religious movementsCult apologistCult Awareness NetworkAnti-cult movement

Question 2: ________ expressed the opinion that any experts the public would be referred to by the "New CAN" would be cult apologists.
Margaret SingerCult Awareness NetworkJesse S. MillerInternational Cultic Studies Association

Question 3: [11][12] The fund was established to assist former members of ________.
Destructive cultDeprogrammingAnti-cult movementCult Awareness Network

Question 4: An August 2007 article in ________ on the Wikipedia Scanner noted that "a computer linked to the Church of Scientology's network was used to delete references to links between it and [...] the 'Cult Awareness Network'" on Wikipedia.
Fox News ChannelBloomberg TelevisionFox Business NetworkCNN

Question 5: [51] Controversies surrounding ________ continued, but the debate thereafter largely moved to other arenas than the courts.
New religious movementReligious conversionChristianityReligion

Question 6: [35] It is controlled by a multi-faith board of directors chaired by George Robertson, a self-described ________ minister.
BaptistEcumenismChristianityChristian denomination

Question 7: [53] The Foundation for Religious Freedom predates the "New CAN"; in the 1993 closing agreement between the ________ and the Church of Scientology, it was listed as a Scientology-related entity.
Tax protester (United States)Internal Revenue ServiceTaxing and Spending ClauseFairTax

Question 8: CAN is now owned and operated by associates of the ________, an organization that the original founders of CAN strongly opposed.
L. Ron HubbardScientology and the legal systemChurch of ScientologyScientology controversies

Question 9: [26] Steckart had also attempted to infiltrate the Scientology-critical organization ________ or "FACTnet".
Fight Against Coercive Tactics NetworkCults and new religious movements in literature and popular cultureAnti-cult movementCult Awareness Network

Question 10: [68] The Time Magazine article "________" was also cited as a reference in the report.
The Thriving Cult of Greed and PowerCult Awareness NetworkScientology controversiesScientology

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