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Culling: Quiz


Question 1: Populations of game animals such as ________ may be informally culled if they begin to excessively eat winter food set out for domestic cattle herds.
MooseReindeerAmerican BisonElk

Question 2: In a domestic or ________ situation the culling process involves selection and the selling of surplus stock.
AgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farmingSustainable agriculture

Question 3: In the case of very large animals such as ________, adults are often targeted.
LionAsian ElephantHippopotamusElephant

Question 4: Culling for population control is common in wildlife management, particularly on ________ game farms and in Australia in national parks.
African peopleIndigenous peoplesScramble for AfricaAfrican Union

Question 5: For ________ and wildlife, the process of culling usually implies the killing of animals with undesirable characteristics.


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