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Cuisine of the Republic of Macedonia: Quiz


Question 1: Other coffee beverages such as lattes, cafe mochas and ________ are becoming increasingly popular with the opening of more upmarket cafés.
Café au laitCoffeehouseCappuccinoEspresso

Question 2: Professionals and businesspeople have contributed to the popularity ________ (especially frappé).
CoffeaCaffè correttoCaffeineInstant coffee

Question 3: The Republic of Macedonia has a well developed coffee culture, and ________ is by far the most popular coffee beverage.
Turkish coffeeHistory of coffeeCoffee preparationCoffeehouse

Question 4: Chorba od Kopriva (Creamy ________ Soup)
United StatesNettleStinging nettlePakistan

Question 5: However, because of the negative ________ surrounding the kafana, many younger people prefer to frequent the more Western-styled cafés which are also seen as being classier.
Ethnic cleansingStereotypeRacismAntisemitism

Question 6: With over 5,000 establishments, the traditional Macedonian ________ and bar—the kafeana—is one of the most common places to go out and have a drink.
CaféHistory of coffeeCoffeehouseTurkish coffee

Question 7: From the days of the ________ through to the present, coffee has played an important role in Macedonian lifestyle and culture.
Turkish peopleIstanbulOttoman EmpireTurkey


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