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Cuisine of Karnataka: Quiz


Question 1: Majjige Huli- Cooked vegetables simmered in yogurt with coconut, spices, ________, curry leaves and mustard.

Question 2: GiNNu - sweetened, flavoured & steam boiled ________ of cow, buffalo or goat
Immunoglobulin AColostrumMilkAntibody

Question 3: Bhatkal ________, made of fish, shrimps, chicken or mutton with rice.
Hyderabad biryaniIdliIndian Chinese cuisineBiryani

Question 4: ________ curry from seasonal natural mushroom from nearby forest is a delicacy during monsoon.
FungusYeastEdible mushroomMushroom

Question 5: Shinonya Nevari is a preparation of rice and coconut batter filled in ________ with spices and steamed like idlis.

Question 6: Huli- Combination of vegetables and lentils simmered with spices,coconut, tamarind and seasoned with Ghee,________, curry leaves and mustard, it is an integral part of every formal meal.

Question 7: Huggi - cooked rice & chana or ________, with coconut, milk, elakki and sweetened with bella (jaggery)
GingerGarlicMung beanSoybean

Question 8: kaapi-________- fresh grounded, filtered coffee well mixed with thick milk and sugar is a must.
CaffeineHistory of coffeeCoffeehouseCoffee

Question 9: Udupi cuisine takes its name from ________, a city on west coast of Karnataka.
MangaloreShivamoggaUdupi CityUdupi district

Question 10: The varieties reflect influences from the food habits of many regions and communities from the three neighbouring South Indian states, as well as the state of ________ to its north.
Marathi peoplePuneMumbaiMaharashtra

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