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Cuckold: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, the term "horn" is used in conjunction with cuckolds, or anyone of either sex who has a cheating spouse.
Trinidad and TobagoCayman IslandsBarbadosAnguilla

Question 2: This horn analogy extends to ________, where the cuckolded husband is termed boynuzlu, "horned one".
CyprusTurkeyCroatiaTurkish people

Question 3: A consenting cuckold, cabrón, has such an offensive nuance that it is a taboo word rarely used with its original meaning, "________".
Domestic sheepMilkGoatCattle

Question 4: The excitement and stimulation of the cuckolding fetish emerges from the biology of sexuality and the effects of ________ on the brain.
Sexual arousalPenisClitorisOrgasm

Question 5: Whether or not this actually happened is unknown but the phrase has survived (also see the Italian insult ________).
Sign of the hornsHook 'em HornsFinger binaryShocker (hand gesture)

Question 6: A similar analogy exists in ________, using the term "κερατάς" meaning "horned one".

Question 7: Sometimes this is part of the their sexual fantasy because they gain ________ through being humiliated.
PenisClitorisSexual arousalOrgasm

Question 8: [3] In this subculture, the female is typically sexually dominant, while the male takes on a submissive role, only becoming involved with her or her partner when she permits it—sometimes remaining altogether ________.
CelibacyClerical celibacyOrthodox ChurchCatholic Church

Question 9: The effects of ________ are well documented.
EjaculationSperm heteromorphismFertilisationSperm competition

Question 10: In Geoffrey Chaucer's ________ (c.1372-77), the Miller's Tale is a story that humorously examines the life of a cuckold.
General PrologueThe Miller's TaleThe Canterbury TalesThe Knight's Tale

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