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Question 1: Abbreviated CBM in the ________ business and MTQ (or numeric code 49) in international trade.
ContainerizationIntermodal containerCargoIntermodal freight transport

Question 2: A cubic metre of pure water at the temperature of maximum density (3.98 °C) and standard ________ (101.325 kPa) has a mass of 1000 kg, or one tonne.
Precipitation (meteorology)WindLightningAtmospheric pressure

Question 3: It is the volume of a cube with edges one ________ in length.
10 megametres100 megametres1 decametreMetre

Question 4: in some typewritten documents and postings in ________ newsgroups).
Internet forumE-mailInstant messagingUsenet

Question 5: It is sometimes abbreviated to cu m, m3, m^3 or m**3 when ________ characters or markup cannot be used (i.e.
OpenTypeDashSubscript and superscriptTypeface


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