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Cuban intervention in Angola: Quiz


Question 1: After its expulsion from Léopoldville (now Kinshasa) in November 1963 the MPLA moved across the Congo River to formerly French Congo-________ (Republic of Congo), where it was invited by its new leftist government.

Question 2: This led to the ________, in which both sides claimed victory.
Angolan Civil WarSouth African Border WarAngolan War of IndependenceBattle of Cuito Cuanavale

Question 3: b) That we send a crew to fly a ________ ….
Douglas DC-3Douglas DC-2Douglas DC-6Douglas DC-5

Question 4: They acknowledged Cuba's role in Angola when, 0n 25 January, UN ambassador ________ said: There is a sense in which the Cubans bring a certain stability and order to Angola.
Martin Luther King, Jr.African-American Civil Rights Movement (1955–1968)Jesse JacksonAndrew Young

Question 5: ________ explained the Cuban intervention: "When the invasion of Angola by regular South African troops started 23 October, we could not sit idle.
Gerald FordJimmy CarterJoseph StalinFidel Castro

Question 6: [172] In the air borne raid on 8 May 1978 (SADF-terminology: ________) over 600 people were killed, including some women and children.
South African Border WarBattle of CassingaParabatSouth African Air Force

Question 7: [37] Among the other Eastern Bloc countries the MPLA had well established contacts with ________ and Romania, the former shipping large amounts of non-military supplies.
Soviet UnionCommunist stateCommunist RomaniaEast Germany

Question 8: Neto died on 10 September 1979 while seeking medical treatment in Moscow and was succeeded by ________.
Muammar al-GaddafiAhmed OuyahiaMahmoud AhmadinejadJosé Eduardo dos Santos

Question 9: Fighting between the three already broke out in November 1974, starting in ________ and quickly spreading across all of Angola.

Question 10: The ________ of 25 April 1974 in Portugal took the world by surprise and caught the liberation movements in the last two African colonies unprepared.
Carnation RevolutionEstado Novo (Portugal)OestriminisPortuguese First Republic


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