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Ctesias: Quiz


Question 1: Although many ancient authorities valued it highly, and used it to discredit ________, many people consider Ctesias's account of little historical value.
Greco-Persian WarsHerodotusAlexander the GreatAncient Greece

Question 2: Ctesias of Cnidus (Greek Κτησίας) was a Greek physician and historian from Cnidus in ________.

Question 3: The first six books treated of the history of Assyria and ________ to the foundation of the Persian empire; the remaining seventeen went down to the year 398 BC.
Akkadian EmpireBabylonBabyloniaMesopotamia

Question 4: Of the two histories, we possess abridgments by Photius, and fragments are preserved in Athenaeus, ________ and especially Diodorus Siculus, whose second book is mainly from Ctesias.
DemosthenesPlatoPlutarchAlexander the Great


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