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Ctenophora: Quiz


Question 1: Hence ctenophores usually swim in the direction in which the mouth is pointing, unlike ________.

Question 2:
What domain does Ctenophora belong to?

Question 3: These variations enable different species to build huge populations in the same area, because they specialize in different types of prey, which they capture by as wide a range of methods as ________ use.

Question 4: The resulting slurry is wafted through the canal system by the beating of the ________, and digested by the nutritive cells.

Question 5: Their body fluids are normally as ________ as seawater.
ConcentrationTotal dissolved solidsSolventSolubility

Question 6: Ctenophores may balance marine ecoystems by preventing an over-abundance of copepods from eating all the ________ (planktonic plants),[30] which are the dominant marine producers of organic matter from non-organic ingredients.
PhytoplanktonPrimary productionDiatomCyanobacteria

Question 7: Some ________ and turtles eat large quantities of ctenophores, and jellyfish may temporarily wipe out ctenophore populations.

Question 8: This tight closure ________ the front of the animal when it is pursuing prey.
AmtrakChicagoPioneer ZephyrStreamliner

Question 9: The inner surface of the cavity is lined with an ________, the gastrodermis.
EpitheliumStratified squamous epitheliumMicrovillusHistology

Question 10: The nearer side is composed of tall nutritive cells that store nutrients in vacuoles (internal compartments), germ cells that produce eggs or sperm, and photocytes that produce ________.
KrillVibrio fischeriBioluminescenceCnidaria


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