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Crystallite: Quiz


Question 1: A computer hard disk, for example, is made of a hard ________ material that contains regions of atoms whose magnetic moments can be realigned by an inductive head.
IronFerromagnetismMagnetismMagnetic field

Question 2: In the limit of small crystallites, as the volume fraction of grain boundaries approaches 100%, the material ceases to have any crystalline character, and thus becomes an ________.
Amorphous solidGlass transitionLiquidGlass

Question 3: The high interfacial energy and relatively weak bonding in grain boundaries makes them preferred sites for the onset of ________ and for the precipitation of new phases from the solid.

Question 4: A crystallite is a domain of solid-state matter that has the same structure as a single ________.
Crystal structureCrystalSolid-state physicsCarbon

Question 5: These ________ are the data being read.
Record (computer science)BitByteCharacter (computing)

Question 6: Most materials are polycrystalline; they are made of a large number of single crystals — crystallites — held together by thin layers of ________.
LiquidAmorphous solidGlass transitionGlass

Question 7: Because of the dangers of grain boundaries in certain materials such as ________ turbine blades, great technological leaps were made to minimize as much as possible the effect of grain boundaries in the blades.

Question 8: This property helps the simplifying assumptions of ________ to apply to real-world solids.
ViscosityContinuum mechanicsFluid mechanicsFluid dynamics


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