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Question 1: Applications of cryptography include ATM cards, computer passwords, and ________.
Online advertisingE-procurementOnline auction business modelElectronic commerce

Question 2: For instance, continuous improvements in computer processing power have increased the scope of brute-force attacks, thus when specifying ________, the required key lengths are similarly advancing.
Key sizeCryptographyData Encryption StandardAdvanced Encryption Standard

Question 3: Cryptography has long been of interest to intelligence gathering and ________.
PoliceLaw enforcement agencyCanadaFrance

Question 4: Encryption was used to (attempt to) ensure secrecy in ________, such as those of spies, military leaders, and diplomats.
MicrobiologySocial sciencesScientific methodCommunication

Question 5: Because of its facilitation of ________, and the diminution of privacy attendant on its prohibition, cryptography is also of considerable interest to civil rights supporters.
TorturePrivacyPropertyHuman rights

Question 6: [10] Block ciphers can be used as stream ciphers; see ________.
Avalanche effectBlock cipher modes of operationEAX modeCCM mode

Question 7: ________ by Neal Stephenson (novel, WW2 Enigma cryptanalysis figures into the story, though not always realistically).
The Diamond AgeQuicksilver (novel)Snow CrashCryptonomicon

Question 8: Diffie and Hellman showed that public-key cryptography was possible by presenting the ________ key exchange protocol.
Three-pass protocolRSADiffie–Hellman key exchangePublic key infrastructure

Question 9: [32][33] Also, ________, then a graduate student at UC Berkeley, brought a lawsuit against the US government challenging some aspects of the restrictions based on free speech grounds.
Bernstein v. United StatesDomain Name SystemDaniel J. BernsteinPrime number

Question 10: The ________ and FBI have not enforced the DMCA as rigorously as had been feared by some, but the law, nonetheless, remains a controversial one.
United States federal executive departmentsUnited States Department of JusticePolitical scandals of the United StatesUnited States Cabinet

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