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Cryptococcus gattii: Quiz


Question 1: Occasionally, the fungus is associated with skin, soft tissue, ________, bone, and joint infections.
SpleenLymphatic systemImmune systemLymph node

Question 2: Oral ________ is then administered for six months or more.

Question 3: Scientists say its appearance so far north is a consequence of ________.
Global warmingGlobal warming controversyKyoto ProtocolScientific opinion on climate change

Question 4: It causes the human diseases of pulmonary cryptococcosis (lung infection), basal ________, and cerebral cryptococcomas.

Question 5: Ventricular shunts and Ommaya reservoirs are sometimes employed in the treatment of ________ infection.
White matterCentral nervous systemNeuronGrey matter

Question 6: [2] The fungus also infects animals, such as ________, koalas and dolphins.
Dog healthCoat (dog)DogDog breed

Question 7: [1] From ________ through to early 2008, two hundred and sixteen people in British Columbia contracted the disease, and eight died from it.

Question 8: Cryptococcal disease is a very rare disease that can affect the lungs (________) and nervous system (causing meningitis and focal brain lesions called cryptococcomas) in humans.
Community-acquired pneumoniaPneumoniaRespiratory diseaseObstructive lung disease

Question 9: Cryptococcus gattii, also known as Cryptococcus neoformans var gattii, is an encapsulated yeast-like ________ found primarily in tropical and subtropical climates.

Question 10: In recent years, it has appeared in ________, Canada.
Pacific NorthwestAlbertaOntarioBritish Columbia


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