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Cryogenian: Quiz


Question 1: The Cryogenian forms the second geologic period of the Neoproterozoic Era, preceded by the Tonian period and followed by the ________.
Ediacara biotaCambrianGeologic time scaleEdiacaran

Question 2: During the Cryogenian period, the oldest known fossils of ________ make an appearance.

Question 3: The Cryogenian (from Greek cryos "cold" and genesis "birth") is a ________ that lasted from 850 to 630 million years ago.
Julian calendarCalendarGeologic time scaleGregorian calendar

Question 4: During the Cryogenian, the supercontinent ________ broke up, and the supercontinent Pannotia began to form.

Question 5: The period has not received the international ratification that all geological time periods undergo (the most recent being the ________ Period, which was ratified in 2004).
CambrianEdiacaranGeologic time scaleEdiacara biota

Question 6: ________ extended and contracted in a series of rhythmic pulses, possibly reaching as far as the equator.
Ice sheetGlacierCurrent sea level riseLittle Ice Age

Question 7: These so-called '________' events are the subject of much scientific controversy.
Ice ageSnowball EarthEdiacara biotaOxygen

Question 8: The deposits of glacial tillite also occur in places that were at low latitudes during the Cryogenian, a phenomenon which led to the hypothesis of deeply-frozen planetary oceans called "________".
Snowball EarthOxygenEdiacara biotaIce age

Question 9: The name of the geologic period refers to the very cold global climate of the Cryogenian: characteristic glacial deposits indicate that ________ suffered the most severe ice ages in its history during this period.


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