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Question 1: It seemed that the power of the Golden Horde had begun to rise, but in 1389, Tokhtamysh made the disastrous decision of waging war on his former master, the great ________.
Timurid dynastyTimurMongol EmpireGenghis Khan

Question 2: The fall of Moorish Toledo to the Kingdom of León in 1085 was a major victory, but the turning points of the ________ still lay in the future.
Spanish InquisitionReconquistaInquisitionCrusades

Question 3:
What type of government does Great Seljuq Empire have?
Municipal Government
Constitutional Monarchy
Board of Supervisors

Question 4: When the First Crusade was preached in 1095, the Christian princes of northern Iberia had been fighting their way out of the mountains of Galicia and ________, the Basque Country and Navarre, with increasing success, for about a hundred years.

Question 5: While the ________ was the most prominent example of European reactions against Muslim conquests, it is not the only such example.
CrusadesSpanish InquisitionInquisitionReconquista

Question 6: the Crusade of Varna (1444) led by the Polish-Hungarian king Władysław Warneńczyk ended in the ________
Battle of ViennaBattle of Ţuţora (1620)Battle of Khotyn (1673)Battle of Varna

Question 7: The crusader army and its Bedouin mercenaries were completely defeated within forty-eight hours by ________' force of Khwarezmian tribesmen.
CrusadesAyyubid dynastyBaibarsQutuz

Question 8: A night-time attack by the ruler of Egypt, the powerful ________ Sultan Al-Kamil, resulted in a great number of crusader losses and eventually in the surrender of the army.
SyriaAyyubid dynastySaladinKurdish people

Question 9: But Gregory was occupied with the ________ and could not call on the German emperor, so a crusade never took shape.
Investiture ControversyAvignon PapacyEast–West SchismCrusades

Question 10: [30] Several thousand apparently were not redeemed and probably were sold into ________.
SlaveryAntisemitismUniversal suffrageRacism

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