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Crusaders of Might and Magic: Quiz


Question 1: Over the course of the game, the player can discover spell ________ which allow Drake to cast new spells (or, in the PC version, upgrade spells they already possess).

Question 2: In the PC version, spells themselves do not cost ________ in a traditional sense; after each use, a spell requires a cooling down period before it can be used again.
NumenMagic (paranormal)ReligionMana

Question 3: There, he finds Necros standing before an enormous interdimensional portal - the ________ Gate.
King's Bounty: Armored PrincessKreeganKing's BountyKing's Bounty: The Legend

Question 4: The game takes place in the fictional ________ universe, upon the world of Ardon.
Might and Magic II: Gates to Another WorldMight and MagicMight and Magic IXKing's Bounty

Question 5: He then comes upon a hidden chamber filled with arcane, ________ mechanisms, discovering an elevator leading to an outer-world location.

Question 6: Crusaders of Might and Magic is a third-person action/RPG game developed and published by 3DO's ________ studios.
Fort Worth, TexasSan AntonioDallasAustin, Texas

Question 7: A young boy named Drake, the only survivor of the massacre, escapes into the ________ of Duskwood and roams Ardon for years, seeking revenge against the undead.
Old-growth forestTreeTemperate broadleaf and mixed forestsForest

Question 8: Drake escapes Stronghold with the aid of Celestia, Lady ________ of Citadel, and is enlisted into the ranks of the valiant crusaders under her rule.

Question 9: Finding himself in Necros' floating ________, Drake discovers Necros' forces docked at a massacred, Legion-occupied Citadel.
DreadnoughtPre-dreadnought battleshipBattleshipIronclad warship

Question 10: Returning to Citadel, Drake is then tasked with retrieving a talisman named the Star of Erathia from the northern ________ to aid in the war effort.
GlacierLittle Ice AgeIce sheetCurrent sea level rise


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