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Question 1: Settings vary from military bases to ________ to offices to space stations, and contain a variety of enemy soldiers and servomechs, traps, puzzles and innocent bystanders (who can be killed with no penalty).
FactoryManchesterIndustrial RevolutionBirmingham

Question 2: The Crusader games feature ________ (FMV) sequences with live actors; FMVs are used in cut-scenes to further the story, generally through interaction with other characters.
Vector game2.5DFull motion video based gameFirst-person shooter engine

Question 3: A ________ detailing the Silencer, his allies and enemies.
Origin SystemsCrusader (game series)EarthList of Crusader characters

Question 4: Both games use an advanced version of the ________ isometric view engine featuring full SVGA graphics.
Ultima Underworld: The Stygian AbyssUltima (series)Ultima VIII: PaganUltima VI: The False Prophet

Question 5: A WEC freighter headed for the ________ picks up the Silencer's escape pod, and the Captain, upon moonfall, makes contact with the local Resistance.
Mercury (planet)Io (moon)Ganymede (moon)Moon

Question 6: Crusader is a series of action-oriented computer games developed by Origin Systems and published by ________.
Electronic ArtsCisco SystemsIntel

Question 7: An article in the 'Newspaper' added to the No Remorse box mentions SHODAN, Citadel station and ________.
Karl PopperArtificial intelligenceRené DescartesDaniel Dennett


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