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Crusade of 1101: Quiz


Question 1: Both the Second and ________ suffered similar difficulties when attempting to cross Anatolia.
SaladinThird CrusadeFirst CrusadeAyyubid dynasty

Question 2: The survivors arrived at ________ at the end of 1101, and at Easter in 1102 arrived in Jerusalem.

Question 3: The Crusade of 1101 arose from a well-managed response by the Seljuk Turks to the ________,[1] as the Turks decisively defeated the Crusading armies in three separate battles.
First CrusadeCrusadesSecond CrusadeNorwegian Crusade

Question 4: The only open route to the ________ was the sea route, which benefitted the Italian cities.
JesusPalestineHoly LandJerusalem

Question 5: However, they came under attack from the ________ who harassed them for weeks, and a foraging party was destroyed in July.
Great Seljuq EmpireKhwārazm-Shāh dynastySeljuq dynastySassanid Empire

Question 6: The Crusade of 1101 was a minor crusade of three separate movements, organized in 1100 and 1101 in the successful aftermath of the ________.
First CrusadeSecond CrusadeNorwegian CrusadeCrusades

Question 7: Joining them at Nicomedia was ________, one of the leaders of the First Crusade who was now in the service of the emperor.
CrusadesSiege of AntiochRaymond IV, Count of ToulouseGodfrey of Bouillon

Question 8: The crusaders and Byzantines each blamed the other for the defeat, and neither of them were able to ensure a safe route through ________ now that Kilij Arslan had strengthened his position.
TurkeyTurkish peopleIstanbulAnatolia

Question 9: When they reached the territory of the Byzantine Empire, they pillaged it recklessly, and Byzantine emperor ________ escorted them to a camp outside Constantinople.
Alexios III AngelosAlexios I KomnenosJohn II KomnenosManuel I Komnenos

Question 10: The lack of a safe land route from Constantinople also benefitted the ________, where Tancred, ruling for his uncle Bohemond, was able to consolidate his power without Byzantine interference.
BorjiginPrincipality of AntiochKings of Jerusalem family treeGerman monarchs family tree


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