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Question 1: [2] During the 18th century the ________ became the preeminent type of cruiser.

Question 2: The United States Navy has centered on the ________ since WWII.
Carrier battle groupDestroyerTimeline for aircraft carrier serviceAircraft carrier

Question 3: The growing size and power of the armored cruiser resulted in the ________, larger than the armored cruiser with an armament similar to the revolutionary new dreadnought battleship, was the brainchild of British admiral Jackie Fisher.
Invincible class battlecruiserFast battleshipBattlecruiserIndefatigable class battlecruiser

Question 4: Over the years, the nature and role of the cruiser has changed considerably, and today the cruiser has largely been replaced by ________ in its roles.
Fletcher class destroyerTribal class destroyer (1936)V and W class destroyerDestroyer

Question 5: Other roles included ________, and cruisers were often attached to the battle fleet.
United States Marine Air-Ground Task Force ReconnaissanceUnited States Marine Corps Force ReconnaissanceReconnaissanceSpecial reconnaissance

Question 6: The ________'s aircraft-carrying Invincible-class vessels were originally designated 'through-deck cruisers', but have since been designated as small aircraft carriers.
HMS Illustrious (R06)HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Ocean (L12)Royal Navy

Question 7: The role of the cruiser, however, increasingly became one of providing ________ for a fleet, rather than independent cruiser warfare.
Bofors 40 mmGulf WarWorld War IIAnti-aircraft warfare

Question 8: The torpedo cruiser (known in the ________ as the torpedo gunboat) was a smaller unarmored cruiser, which emerged in the 1880s-1890s.
HMS Ocean (L12)HMS Ark Royal (R07)HMS Illustrious (R06)Royal Navy

Question 9: The ________ of 1922 placed limits on the construction of ships with a displacement of 10,000 tons or more and an armament of greater than 8-inch (200 mm) calibre.
Imperial Japanese NavyBattleshipEssex class aircraft carrierWashington Naval Treaty

Question 10: In the years since the launch of Ticonderoga in 1981 the class has received a number of upgrades that have dramatically improved their capabilities for ________ and land attack (using the Tomahawk missile).
Anti-submarine weaponTorpedoAnti-submarine warfareU-boat


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