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Cruciform: Quiz


Question 1: In the episode "The Sound of Drums" of the British science fiction television series ________, an object or location called "the Cruciform" is mentioned, as having been captured from the Time Lords by the Dalek Emperor.
Companion (Doctor Who)The Sarah Jane AdventuresDoctor WhoTorchwood

Question 2: A cruciform manuscript was a form of ________ / Insular manuscript written with the words in a block shaped like a cross.
Anglo-SaxonsGermanic peoplesSaxonsAngles

Question 3: Cruciform web designs use a cross-shaped web page that expands to fill the width and height of the ________ window.
Web browserOpera (web browser)Internet ExplorerInternet Explorer 3

Question 4: The plain sword used by ________, distinctive due to the flat bar used as a guard.

Question 5: An east end, containing an ________ and often with an elaborate, decorated window, through which light will shine in the early part of the day.
Altar clothAltarGospel (liturgy)Bishop

Question 6: In the Western churches it usually, though not exclusively, means a church built with the layout developed in ________ comprising:
Gothic Revival architectureRenaissance architectureGothic architectureRomanesque architecture

Question 7: Some examples are the F-9 Cougar,the ________ and the Sud Aviation Caravelle
F4D SkyrayF3D SkyknightF5D SkylancerF6D Missileer

Question 8: North and south transepts, being "arms" of the cross and often containing rooms for gathering, small side ________, or in many cases other necessities such as an organ and toilets.
PalermoChapelAltarCatholic Church


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