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  • the Gero Cross (pictured) of about 970 AD is one of the earliest known depictions of the dead Christ on the cross?

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Question 1: Pietro Lorenzetti fresco, ________ Basilica, 1310-1329

Question 2: Christians regard Jesus as the ________, and understand his death as necessary for the forgiveness of sins, a doctrine generally known as atonement (and in some cases as substitutionary atonement).
Second ComingMessianic JudaismJewish eschatologyMessiah

Question 3: Additionally, first-century Jewish historian ________ (in a disputed passage[42]) records:
First Jewish–Roman WarJesusHerod the GreatJosephus

Question 4: [122][123] Masters such as ________, Rubens and Titian have all depicted the crucifixion scene in their works.
Young Sick BacchusAmor Vincit Omnia (Caravaggio)John the Baptist (Caravaggio)Caravaggio

Question 5: The Christus Victor view, which is more common among Eastern Orthodox Christians,[100] holds that Jesus was sent by God to defeat death and ________.
DevilSatanChristian teaching about the DevilAbrahamic religions

Question 6: This provides a possible explanation that the ________ were short utterances.
Passion (Christianity)Crucifixion of JesusJesusSayings of Jesus on the cross

Question 7: [39] Roman historian ________, in his Annals (c.
DomitianVespasianTacitusRoman Empire

Question 8: In his book The Crucifixion of Jesus, physician and ________ Frederick Zugibe provides a set of theories that attempt to explain the nailing, pains and death of Jesus in great detail.
PathologyForensic pathologyAnatomical pathologyAutopsy

Question 9: ________ was arrested, tried, and sentenced by Pontius Pilate to be scourged, and finally executed on a cross.
New TestamentNew Testament view on Jesus' lifeJesusGospel

Question 10: [98] ________ referred to these Acts of Reparation as the "unceasing effort to stand beside the endless crosses on which the Son of God continues to be crucified."[99]
Pope Pius XIPope Paul VICatholic ChurchPope John Paul II

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