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Crucible: Quiz


Question 1: Crucibles and their covers are made of high temperature-resistant materials, usually porcelain or an inert ________.
NonmetalHalogenNoble gasMetal

Question 2: More recently, metals such as ________ and zirconium have been used.

Question 3: One of the earliest uses of ________ was to make crucibles.

Question 4: The crucible and lid to be used are pre-weighed very accurately on an ________.
Weighing scaleForceMassWeight

Question 5: A crucible can be similarly used to determine the percentage of ash contained in an otherwise burnable sample of material such as ________, wood, or oil.
HydroelectricityCoalWind powerGrid energy storage

Question 6: Ash is the completely unburnable inorganic ________ in a sample.
SaltSodium chlorideWaterHypertension

Question 7: The use of crucibles to manufacture ________, introduced in England in the eighteenth century, was an important part of the Industrial Revolution.
Cast ironWrought ironCrucible steelIron

Question 8: Ceramics such as ________, zirconia, and especially magnesia will tolerate the highest temperatures.
Aluminium oxideAluminiumAluminium hydroxideAluminium chloride

Question 9: A crucible is a cup-shaped piece of laboratory equipment used to contain ________ when heated to extremely high temperatures.
ElectrochemistryChemical compoundInorganic chemistryChemistry

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