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Croydon facelift: Quiz


Question 1: Hence the term is considered derogatory because it portrays people from ________ as being lower class.
CroydonPurley, LondonCrystal Palace, LondonSouth Norwood

Question 2: The supposed result is that the ________ of the forehead and face are pulled up and back, producing the effects of a facelift.
Human skinTanningSkinLeather

Question 3: The Croydon Guardian newspaper, however, speculates that the originator of this style may have been the Ancient Egyptian Queen Nefertiti, based on a ________ documentary.
S4CChannel 4BBCFive (TV channel)

Question 4: In English slang, a Croydon facelift (sometimes council house facelift, Essex facelift[1], or in ________ a Millie Facelift) is a particular hairstyle worn by young women.
United KingdomScotlandIrish peopleNorthern Ireland

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