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Question 1: In 1479, a new dynastic union merged the Crown of Aragon with the ________, creating what would become the Kingdom of Spain.
Revolt of the ComunerosIsabella I of CastileKingdom of LeónCrown of Castile

Question 2: Finally, Palma (________) was an additional important city and seaport.
IbizaMajorcaMinorcaPalma, Majorca

Question 3: Alfonso II signed the treaties of Cazola with ________ in order to secure the Aragonese frontiers.
Manrique Pérez de LaraAlfonso VIII of CastileEleanor of Castile (died 1244)Eleanor of England, Queen of Castile

Question 4: The leading economic centres of the Crown of Aragon were the cities of ________ and Valencia.
BarcelonaLa Rambla, BarcelonaSagrada FamíliaÀmbit metropolità de Barcelona

Question 5: This process was also in under way in most of the European states that successfully transitioned from the medieval era to what was to be called the modern state (see ________).
RussiaModern historyUnited StatesEarly modern period

Question 6: However its different territories were only loosely connected, in a manner that does not match well the traditional idea of ________.
Byzantine EmpireHoly Roman EmpireEmpireBritish Empire

Question 7: The Crown of Aragon was a permanent union of multiple titles and states in the hands of the ________.
List of monarchs of SicilyList of Valencian monarchsList of Aragonese monarchsCounts of Barcelona

Question 8: By marriage of Peter IV to Mary of Sicily, the Kingdom of Sicily, as well as the ________ and Neopatria, were added in 1381.
Byzantine EmpireKingdom of ThessalonicaDuchy of AthensPrincipality of Achaea

Question 9: Put in contemporary terms, it functioned more as a confederacy rather than as a single ________.
EnglandUnited KingdomScotlandCountry

Question 10: Another political centre was Zaragoza, where kings were crowned in the ________.
La Seo CathedralCatholic ChurchSpainAl-Andalus


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