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Question 1: 94% of the land in ________ is Provincial Crown land, 2% of which is covered by fresh water.
OntarioBritish ColumbiaCanadaAlberta

Question 2: [3] This can pertain to land seized by the government, (either through ________ or due to criminal activity), or toward lands with backed taxes.
Eminent domainApartmentTower blockNew town

Question 3: In the United States the feudal concept of Crown land and Crown Estate was repudiated during the ________ (1775 – 1783).
American Revolutionary WarSaratoga campaignNew York and New Jersey campaignAmerican Civil War

Question 4: After the following partitions of Poland in ________ the "royal lands" were directly annexed by the partitioning powers.
196319001795March 4

Question 5: ________ ("the right of use over the real property of another")
Allodial titleRiparian water rightsTitle (property)Easement

Question 6: public domain, it was thereafter held in ________, meaning that it could not be alienated from federal authority, but might be removed from the public domain (as in the creation of a new state) or transferred and owned in fee simple.
Allodial titleTreasure troveCondominiumEasement

Question 7: In the Kingdom of Poland under the rules of Piast then Jagiellonian dynasties the institution of crown lands was similar to those in Great Britain or ________, the lands were the property of the monarch or dynasty.
German EmpireHoly Roman EmpireOttoman EmpireAustria–Hungary

Question 8: In the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its predecessor the ________ Crown lands were alternative administrative units to Duchys, as in the Kingdom of Poland and its successor, the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.
PrussiaAustria–HungaryLiechtensteinAustrian Empire

Question 9: Among the largest Crown lands in the 16th and 17th centuries were the territories of ________ and Wielkorządy with Niepołomice, Sambor in the Crown of the Polish Kingdom.
MalborkGmina MalborkGdańskWielbark, Pomeranian Voivodeship

Question 10: The crown lands, crown estate, royal domain or (in French) domaine royal of ________ refers to the lands and fiefs directly possessed by the kings of France.
FranceCanadaItalyUnited Kingdom


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