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Question 1: Major functions of the crown include light energy assimilation via ________, energy release by respiration, and movement of water to the atmosphere by transpiration.
AlgaeCell wallPhotosynthesisPlant physiology

Question 2: Branches of the crown provide mechanical support to distribute the leaves efficiently and serve as conduits for resources (water, ________, photosynthates) to perform these functions.
Dietary mineralNutritionOxygenNutrient

Question 3:
The crown of a plant refers to the totality of the plant's aboveground parts, including stems, ________, and reproductive structures.
SeedFruitLeafFlowering plant

Question 4: The crown of a woody plant (tree, shrub, liana) is the branches, ________, and reproductive structures extending from the trunk or main stems.
SeedFlowering plantLeafFruit


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