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Question 1: [8] An unnamed cardinal even suggested elevating national cardinal protectors to a full and official position in the ________, equivalent to an ambassador.
PopeCatholicismRoman CuriaCatholic Church

Question 2: [7] A reform of ________ dated 1464 regards national cardinal protectors as generally inconsistent with curial responsibility, with several exceptions.
Pope Leo XPope Eugene IVPope Alexander VIPope Pius II

Question 3: Albert of Austria, son of ________[51]
Maximilian II, Holy Roman EmperorRudolf II, Holy Roman EmperorMatthias, Holy Roman EmperorFerdinand I, Holy Roman Emperor

Question 4: [13] During the reigns of Avignon Pope Clement VI and ________ in particular, it was acknowledged that monarchs could select retainers and expect them to be elevated to the College of Cardinals.
Pope Boniface IXPope Urban VIPope Innocent VIIPope Alexander VI

Question 5: For example, ________ (elected 1644) and Pope Innocent XIII (elected 1721) survived late arriving veto orders from France and Spain respectively.
Pope Urban VIIIPope Alexander VIIPope Clement XPope Innocent X

Question 6: [6] Crown-cardinals generally opposed the election of crown-cardinals from other kingdoms, although they tended to unite against the election of ________.
Pope Alexander VIPopeCardinal-nephewCatholic Church

Question 7: ________ had to elevate crown-cardinals in pectore.
Pope Innocent XPope John Paul IIPope Alexander VIIPope Clement IX

Question 8: Opposition to national cardinal protectors arose in the fifteenth century due to the perceived conflict of interest, and ________ attempted to forbid them entirely in 1425.
Pope Gregory XIIPope Clement VIIPope Martin VPope Eugene IV

Question 9: ________ (circa 1586)[50]
Charles BorromeoPetrus CanisiusRobert BellarmineJohn Fisher

Question 10: Federico Sforza (1664–1666, substitute protector of ________ hereditary lands)[15]
House of BourbonHouse of HabsburgHohenzollern-SigmaringenHouse of Bonaparte


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