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Crouzon syndrome: Quiz


Question 1: Since the branchial arches are important developmental features in a growing ________, disturbances in their development create lasting and widespread effects.
EmbryogenesisFertilisationPrenatal developmentEmbryo

Question 2: Craniofacial surgery is a discipline of plastic surgery and ________.
Organ transplantOral and maxillofacial surgeryMedical schoolPhysician

Question 3: Additionally, a common occurrence is external strabismus, which can be thought of as opposite from the eye position found in ________.
XYY syndromeDown syndromeTrisomy 18Turner syndrome

Question 4: For ________, this disorder is important to understand since many of the physical abnormalities are present in the head, and particularly the oral cavity.
Oral and maxillofacial surgeryDentistryOrthodonticsCleft lip and palate

Question 5: This syndrome is named after Octave Crouzon,[1][2] a French ________ who first described this disorder.
Medical schoolPhysicianPediatricsMedicine

Question 6: Further analysis, including radiographs, ________ (MRI) scans, genetic testing, X-rays and CT scans can be used to confirm the diagnosis of Crouzon syndrome.
Magnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imagingPositron emission tomographyMedical imaging

Question 7: Now known as Crouzon syndrome, the ________ can be described by the rudimentary meanings of its former name.

Question 8: Breaking down the name, "craniofacial" refers to the ________ and face, and "dysostosis" refers to synostosis (a union between adjacent bones or parts of a single bone).
Human skullHead and neck anatomySkullMammal


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