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Croup: Quiz


Question 1: Mild croup with no stridor, or stridor only on agitation, and just a cough may simply be observed, or a dose of inhaled, oral, or injected ________ may be given.
TestosteroneLipid metabolismMetabolismSteroid

Question 2: Moderate to severe croup may require nebulized ________ in addition to steroids.

Question 3: ________ is rarely needed (less than 1% of hospitalized patients).
EpinephrineBag valve maskCardiopulmonary resuscitationIntubation

Question 4: Croup is most often caused by parainfluenza ________, primarily types 1 and 2 (some definitions limit the term "croup" to this pathogen).
RotavirusHerpes simplex virusVirusAdenoviridae

Question 5: Croup is a group of ________ that often affects infants and children[1] under age 6.
Respiratory diseaseObstructive lung diseaseRestrictive lung diseasePneumonia

Question 6: Spasmodic croup is thought to be related to ________.
HypersensitivityAnaphylaxisGraft-versus-host diseaseAllergy

Question 7: The routinely recommended treatment is with ________, although corticosteroids suppress the immune system and can predispose the child to infection.
Sex steroidCorticosteroidMineralocorticoidGlucocorticoid

Question 8: ________ today use a "blowby" apparatus for this purpose.
HospitalHealth care providerHealth care systemHealth science

Question 9: Croup is characterized by a harsh "barking" cough and sneeze, inspiratory stridor (a high-pitched sound heard on inhalation), nausea/vomiting, and ________.
Fatigue (medical)HeadacheInfluenza-like illnessFever

Question 10: When steroids are given, ________ is often used, due to its prolonged physiologic effects.

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